How Can Businesses Benefit From Pedestrian Traffic Sensors?

The market out there has become extremely competitive in the last few years. With globalisation, small businesses now have to compete with larger brands for the same customers, adding to the difficulty of running a business lucratively. With managing a business getting increasingly difficult, there is hardly any room for error in business decisions.
Fortunately, technology has come up with numerous ways to assist businesses in making better business decisions. One of the technological products which are helping businesses a lot currently are the pedestrian traffic sensors. Deploying the pedestrian traffic counters or sensors at strategic locations in brick and mortar stores, enable businesses to monitor what the people are interested in most at different times of the year. Numerous businesses have already seen benefits of leveraging pedestrian data to design the layouts of shops for maximum profitability.

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In this article we shall discuss, how can businesses benefit from pedestrian traffic sensors.

Personnel management
Businesses will be in a better position to place personnel at places where they are most required, when they leverage the data provided by pedestrian traffic sensors. Many a time, businesses lose prospective clients because of the fact that there were no staffs around them, to help clear their doubts about the products that they were interested to buy. When businesses employ pedestrian traffic sensors properly, they will be able to utilise the space of the store far more efficiently. Better managed stores will obviously run more profitably, as they offer better customer satisfaction than rest of the competition.

Better energy utilisation
In order to run the stores profitably, it is imperative that energy is used as judiciously as possible. Surprisingly, most businesses are yet to realise that savings in electricity can boost profits dramatically. Employing pedestrian traffic sensors enable businesses to use electricity judiciously without having to compromise on customer satisfaction. Most stores spend a lot of money on lighting, heating or air conditioning, to make the experience of shopping for clients as pleasant as possible. Pedestrian traffic sensor ensures that businesses do not waste money while doing so. Being energy efficient is a definite plus for businesses.

Better maintenance
Businesses will inadvertently have to keep doing maintenance works on their premises periodically, to keep the store clean and safe. It is imperative that these maintenance works are carried out during periods when clients’ traffic is minimal in stores. Pedestrian traffic sensors help businesses in making these decisions so that they can carry out all their maintenance
work, such that the disturbance caused to their prospective clients are as low as possible.

Top merits of DNA fingerprinting

With the generations moving in its most advanced stage and the development of different new ways of conducting medical tests which have been repeatedly proved to be successful, it can be easily said that science and its ways are boon to our lives. One such boon is the concept of DNA fingerprinting. In the recent years of development the process of identifying an individual’s deoxyribonucleic acid or DNA using hair, blood, semen, bone, and other kinds of tissues have gained much popularity. Not only is this medical process used for crime detection, but at the same time, these tests can be used detect a person’s parents, and for knowing one’s family history and background. The same can be used even for finding out ones’ siblings.

Map My Gene DNA Test can allow for health management, prediction for your future offspring, prevention against diseases, and allow you monetary savings in the long run. If you are serious about your health, you should check out the tests they offer here:

So, let us analyze in details about the merits of DNA fingerprinting or DNA profiling.

The merits are as follows:

• Crime detections
Any tissue of any particular suspect can serve as a great lead to a criminal case. The crime cases such as murder and rape cases can be easily solved with the help of DNA fingerprints and other tissues such as semen or even hairs. Even for the dead bodies which have decomposed, leaving behind no such thread of identification can easily be identified with the help of DNA fingerprinting.

• Checking family background and even for identifying blood relations
There are many people all around the world who have been stated orphan, or had been kidnapped or had once been adopted by some other family due to some mishap or other unavoidable circumstances. For them, finding their parents or their siblings becomes very difficult and this is where DNA fingerprinting has all its advantages. One can easily find out their siblings, or their children or their parents through this process.

• Prevention of diseases

A single tissue or just a simple DNA fingerprint is enough to detect the prevailing disease in a person. It can even be specifically detected if the disease is hereditary or if the disease is life-threatening. Early detection is very important to take the precautionary measures against the disease and even prevent it at an early stage.

But with advantages, comes disadvantages as well. The DNA fingerprints easily get contaminated and thus needs to be handled with care. They can also disturb the privacy of a person. The process of examining DNA fingerprint is very long and tiresome. Further, it is not always necessary that the results would be accurate because if the sample gets contaminated, results cannot be interpreted.

How DNA Testing Can Help Psychologists?

When psychologists try to treat patients like those who have been affected by issues like depression, etc., they find that a number of their patients do not respond to their medications. The problem is that most of the psychologists prescribe drugs only from the list they have that is in general very short. Not only that, they may have to wait for two to three months for seeing response to the drugs they administer on their patients. Most of these drugs come with side effects such as headache, shaky hands, nausea, erectile dysfunction, and weight gain. It is in this context that psychologists are advised to get the DNA of their patients tested so they can prescribe the right drugs that work faster and more effectively.

Benefits of Genetic Tests Like the DNA Testing

1. Genetic tests help doctors and more particularly, psychologists, in deciding if their patients respond appropriately to the antidepressants they prescribe and especially, those that mainly work on serotonin. They can decide on the dosages also.

2. If patients get such personalized medicines that suit their individual symptoms and genetic profiles, they will get faster relief from their mental illness. Psychologists will also be able to know which drugs will work well for them and which drugs they should avoid administering on them. Most importantly, they can minimize the risks pertaining to the side effects that may be caused by some of the drugs. This means that those who have been suffering from issues like depression and who have undergone the ordeal and the brunt of the side effects of the drugs for a number of years can get great relief if their doctors choose to get their DNA tested.

Psychologists should therefore begin the process by educating their patients that gene tests like the DNA test will help them immensely. Of course, not many psychologists seem to be aware of how DNA testing will help them in treating their patients effectively.

3. Researchers have found out that genetic tests that include the DNA test may help in evaluating if the drugs they choose to prescribe will pair well and work effectively on the patients. There are a few vital issues involved in this. The first is to find out the type of metabolism patients have for medications. In other words, the tests will help psychologists in finding out what type of “metabolizers” the patients are so they can begin their antidepressant treatment accordingly.

Types of metabolisms and response of patients to anti-depressants

1. For patients with a poor metabolism, the medications will work very slowly which means their bloodstream will have increased medicine levels. Chances of more side effects also increase due to the sluggish metabolism of the patients. These patients may sometimes be affected by life-threatening conditions also.

2. In the case of those who have an intermediate metabolism, these patients may experience mild toxicity as well as side effects but these effects may not be as severe as in the case of patients with a poor metabolism. So, the effect of the drugs may not be substantial. Patients may have some relief from their symptoms.

3. As far as patients with an extensive metabolism are concerned, they will be able to absorb the medications more effectively. They can get quick relief from the symptoms also. Very importantly, they will not experience any side effects from the drugs.

4. For those with an ultrarapid metabolism, the medication process is very quick. This means the drug treatment will not be effective at all thanks to the fast synthesis of the medication due to the genetic metabolism.

To summarize, gene tests such as the DNA testing may help psychologists to understand the type of metabolism of their patients so they can prescribe the right type of drugs that work faster and more effectively on them.

Directors and Officers Liability Insurance-Know What Is Covered and Who Are Covered

Does your company have several officers as well as directors? If that is the case, then it makes sense for you to get yourself a corporate insurance policy, which will offer coverage for all these key people from claims made by third-party due to some of the decisions made by your officers or directors. If you are do dieting who these third parties could be, then the answer is they could be contractors, sub-contractors, employees, customers and vendors. Insurance companies provide this corporate insurance policy for those casinos to all the non-listed as well as listed organizations.

People who are included in this cover:

Any future, present and past director of a company who could be the organization’s internal audit committee member.

A Shadow or de-facto director can be also included in the Directors and Officers Liability Insurance plan. Any director who holds the company’s majority of the shares but may not hold the position of a director in real capacity is known as a Shadow director. However, the organization still compiles such a directors directions.

Any individual who has been listed as a prospective director when a company makes a public offer and his name is mentioned in the prospectus.

The policy also includes decisions made by directors’ legal heirs and domestic partners made in their facial capacities. Such a plan may also cover decisions made by legal heirs of managers and officers.

A D&O policy or a Director’s Liability policy offers cover to future, present and past directors, management committee members, officers, supervisory board membership organization’s governor appointed in accordance with the applicable laws or any member of the board of directors.

Scope of this corporate insurance policy may also extend for the following:

Any former subsidiary

A company or a form that is not a subsidiary of your company any more can still be protected within the scope of such an insurance policy for any decisions or acts taken or done by its your officers or directors while the policy was active or during the time of extended discovery period.

Present and former non-executive directors

An organization may have two different kinds of directors. They are non-executive directors and executive directors. The role of a non-executive director is to give an impartial viewpoint or decision on certain key decisions to be made. On the other hand, executive directors are involved actively in the daily decision-a making and activities of an organization. A decision made by a former non-executive or director of a company can be also covered under this liability insurance policy when the company implemented some of the decisions suggested by such a person and a third-party filed a suit against that act. Such a policy can then cover the costs such as legal or any other expenses, which may pop up during the claims made by any third-party.

D&O policy covers the following:

Actual or alleged breach of conduct or any act pertaining to harassment including sexual harassment can land the company and its top management into great trouble. A policy like this can help to keep the company’s reputation intact if the entire entity faces any kind of accusation rather than a single individual.

There could be scenarios when certain workers feel that the company committed an act of discrimination while laying them off all of a sudden. The policy will come handy for covering legal expenses when such employees approach the court or for doing out of court settlement.

A company facing bankruptcy is a cause of concern for the top management, officers and its board of directors. However, such a state also impacts other stakeholders like creditors. Vendors and investors. If a company fails to repay its loan, an accusation can be made by the company’s creditors against the top management. They may claim that deals were not unlocked although the directors knew that the company will not be able to repay them.

Factors Influencing The Insurance Amount

Everybody in their lifetime will require medical assistance. Commercial insurance provides medical insurance to help equip the employees in the case of sudden mishaps. Without good health, an employee cannot contribute a 100% to his company. When health is hampered, mental stability is disturbed which causes a hindrance to the employee’s productivity. Medical insurance is a great way to provide financially if you are ever unable to support your loved ones due to unexpected medical problems. Residential workers insurance as well as foreign workers medical insurance is provided. A small saving every month matures into a big investment over a period of time. Insurers are companies that provide insurance to individuals or corporate. In either case, certain aspects are taken into consideration before giving the individual an insurance policy. The factors influencing the insurance amount are as follows:

1)Age this is the most important factor that influences the insurance plan. The older you are the higher will be the monthly amount deducted from your payroll. As you are closer to getting naturally affected health wise, companies do not take their chances by providing premiums by charging less.

2)Gender as women and men work with similar payrolls, yet there are certain disparities when it comes to insurance plans. In some cases, as women live longer than men according to certain studies, the premium amount for women is lesser compared to what the men pay. On the other hand, women are more prone to visiting the doctor regularly for check-ups. They are also more likely to contract certain chronic diseases than men. Women also take prescriptions and need medical assistance for pre, during and post pregnancy. These factors cause women to pay a higher premium as compared to men. This differs from country to country.

3)Lifestyle high risk activities like mountain climbing, deep sea diving and race car driving are certain passions people share. In their leisure time, they like to engage in such activities as they have proved to be a change from routine, a more productive way to vent out frustration and good exercise. But such activities are life threatening and such individuals must pay a higher premium. A high risk profession like transportation, mining and fishing are also considered as high risk lifestyle.

4)Habits smoking, use of tobacco and drinking are some unhealthy habits that are taken into account. As major organs are directly affected by such habits, it is common for such employees to pay almost twice the amount the other employees would pay as premium.

5)BMI a person with higher body mass index is known to suffer from health issues like diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. The individual has to pay higher in such cases. Similar is the situation when family medical history is taken into consideration. Diseases and illnesses running in the family that is likely to affect the employee are taken into account.

These are the most influential aspects that affect the amount payable as medical insurance.

The Lowdown on Commercial Vehicle Insurance Claims

It is not an easy job running a business when the expenditure spirals out of control and profit margins do not show any sign of improvement. Let us look objectively at the industry that has been reeling under because of a variety of factors, some because of reckless driving, bad vehicles, improper roads to name a few. Here is the detailed lowdown on the commercial auto insurance industry and the procedure of staking your claim with a claim.

Commercial vehicular insurance has been heightened with claims that are primarily related to bodily damage. From an owner’s perspective, it is wise to make sure that every driver has a personal insurance coverage. If he meets with an accident while on the job, both he and the vehicle come under the purview of the insurance claim.

A business that has not accrued any claims for many years is entitled to a variety of benefits by the insurance service provider. From the perspective of the business, it is wise, while renewing the premium for the following year, to cash in on this immediately. As the renewal goes on, one can up the ante and get a better comprehensive coverage.

Claims come under two categories – one concentrates on personal injury to the driver, passengers or travelers on the road. The other – is for damage to the owner’s vehicle. Both can be clubbed together in a wide reaching policy.

It is a requirement by law and by the insurance service provider to report the incident immediately, both to the police and to the insurance agency. If the driver of the vehicle has been hit by another vehicle, he must get the insurance details of the vehicle and inform the insurance provider for that vehicle. The driver is further able to claim damages, if any, to his person and on the vehicle.

Every insurance company has a surveyor who accesses the extent of damage. The driver or the owner of the vehicle must never move the vehicle unless he has the permission of the policy and the insurance agency.

When making a claim for the commercial vehicle insurance in Singapore, all the documents must be submitted to the insurance agency. Documentation is essential to ensure that you get your just dues. Many firms provide a cashless commercial auto insurance coverage, which is a wise consideration. Before going ahead and buying insurance, read up on the website that throws open plenty of details pertaining to the medium.

Look at Red mortality rates too

From the January 2005 Harper’s Index:

  • Average number of suicides per 100,000 residents in states carried by President Bush in November: 13.5
  • Average number in states carried by John Kerry: 9.9


  • Hours after Kerry conceded that a New Yorker posted a personal ad seeking a Bush supporter for a “fair, physical fight”: 5
  • Number of people that volunteered within twenty-four hours: 3
  • Number who asked to watch: 9

No replies expected, I just thought others might get a kick out of this too. But as the first poster, I’d like to express a welcome for equal-opportunity venting.