Top merits of DNA fingerprinting

With the generations moving in its most advanced stage and the development of different new ways of conducting medical tests which have been repeatedly proved to be successful, it can be easily said that science and its ways are boon to our lives. One such boon is the concept of DNA fingerprinting. In the recent years of development the process of identifying an individual’s deoxyribonucleic acid or DNA using hair, blood, semen, bone, and other kinds of tissues have gained much popularity. Not only is this medical process used for crime detection, but at the same time, these tests can be used detect a person’s parents, and for knowing one’s family history and background. The same can be used even for finding out ones’ siblings.

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So, let us analyze in details about the merits of DNA fingerprinting or DNA profiling.

The merits are as follows:

• Crime detections
Any tissue of any particular suspect can serve as a great lead to a criminal case. The crime cases such as murder and rape cases can be easily solved with the help of DNA fingerprints and other tissues such as semen or even hairs. Even for the dead bodies which have decomposed, leaving behind no such thread of identification can easily be identified with the help of DNA fingerprinting.

• Checking family background and even for identifying blood relations
There are many people all around the world who have been stated orphan, or had been kidnapped or had once been adopted by some other family due to some mishap or other unavoidable circumstances. For them, finding their parents or their siblings becomes very difficult and this is where DNA fingerprinting has all its advantages. One can easily find out their siblings, or their children or their parents through this process.

• Prevention of diseases

A single tissue or just a simple DNA fingerprint is enough to detect the prevailing disease in a person. It can even be specifically detected if the disease is hereditary or if the disease is life-threatening. Early detection is very important to take the precautionary measures against the disease and even prevent it at an early stage.

But with advantages, comes disadvantages as well. The DNA fingerprints easily get contaminated and thus needs to be handled with care. They can also disturb the privacy of a person. The process of examining DNA fingerprint is very long and tiresome. Further, it is not always necessary that the results would be accurate because if the sample gets contaminated, results cannot be interpreted.

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